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Tension effect and operation requirements of inverted wire drawing machine

Apr 20, 2019

In the process of making the inverted wire drawing machine, it is mainly composed of a wire drawing part and a winding part. The wire drawing part is composed of a wire drawing wheel and a mold fixing frame and a mold. After the wire passes through the mold, the wire is wound on the wire drawing wheel, and the wire drawing wheel When the take-up wheel is running, the take-up wheel operation provides the traction tension of the wire. Under the traction tension, the wire is wound by the wire-wound wheel to pass the wire through the wire drawing die, so that the wire is continuously thickened to fine, thereby obtaining wires of different wire gauges. .

In the process of operation of the inverted wire drawing machine, different matching modes can be selected according to different rod materials, and the production is constantly explored. Before production, it is necessary to do a full self-test on the copper rods produced, and timely discover the quality defects of the copper rods, find corresponding countermeasures according to different situations, or reduce the drawing speed, or eliminate the defects in this section. During production, we constantly observe whether the annealing current of the wire drawing is normal, especially when it is just started, pay special attention to the change of the annealing current. The annealing current should be adjusted according to the change of the line speed, so that the annealing current slowly follows the line. The speed increases and becomes larger, ensuring the normal operation of the equipment.

The quality and production efficiency of the copper wire drawing products of the inverted wire drawing machine will be improved to different extents, so as to provide a strong production guarantee for the production of the next process better and faster. Inverted wire drawing machines require regular maintenance during use.