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Drawing part and process requirements of straight line wire drawing machine

Apr 06, 2019

The straight line wire drawing machine is divided into the pay-off, drawing and winding parts from the process:

1. The pay-off part: The material to be processed is mainly sent to the wire drawing part. The cable at this stage can withstand a large tension and adopts a passive pay-off line.

2. Wire drawing: The wire is stretched step by step through various stages of stretching die, wherein each stage is driven by a synchronous motor driven by a single inverter.

3. Wire-receiving part: Mainly winds the processed wire on the online disk, and needs to keep pace with the wire speed of the wire drawing part to ensure the winding effect.

Wire drawing part of straight line wire drawing machine

In the drawing process, the electrical speed accuracy, dynamic response and tension stability directly determine the quality of the finished product. Therefore, the whole system uses PROFIBUS bus communication, HD50-ST drives permanent magnet synchronous servo motor direct drive mode, constant tension control scheme.

Straight line wire drawing machine

The straight line wire drawing machine adopts the double-disc automatic wire-receiving and disk-changing scheme. Each of the wire-receiving disks is driven by one HD50-T inverter and one AC asynchronous motor for closed-loop speed control for winding. In order to achieve constant line speed, the frequency setting method of the take-up reel adopts the “main + auxiliary” setting mode, in which the main reference is given by PROFIBUS communication, and the auxiliary reference is given by PID (the inverter is PID by tension pendulum) Calculation).