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Talk about the buying skills of the inverted wire drawing machine

Sep 11, 2019

The inverted wire drawing machine is a kind of wire drawing equipment, which can also be divided into many different specifications and models. The more common ones are the 800 type, 1000 type and 1200 type. Moreover, the material of the inverted wire drawing machine is also different, and it is made of a material made of square steel, and is also made of a material such as channel steel. So how do users choose?

Under normal circumstances, when we purchase the inverted wire drawing machine equipment, we must combine our actual needs, such as what kind of raw materials need to be processed, and how big the size is, to choose the model that suits you. So, what kind of equipment should I choose? First of all, we must choose those manufacturers to ensure the quality of the drawing equipment produced.

Secondly, we can analyze from the perspective of the market. For example, we can choose products produced by manufacturers with long-term market reputation, and of course we should consider our price factors in consideration of our capital investment. What needs to be reminded here is that in the process of purchasing, we cannot choose the inverted wire drawing machine equipment by price factor alone, but should pay attention to the overall quality of the equipment.

And because our actual production conditions and production requirements are different, we also need to ensure that the equipment selected can meet the requirements of use. For example, if it is used to pull large-diameter steel bars, then the strength of the drawing is relatively large, so it is necessary to select the inverted wire drawing machine equipment with relatively solid materials for the frame.

In addition, we also need to consider the motor of the inverted wire drawing machine, as well as the quality of the after-sales service of the manufacturer. In general, if you are processing steel bars of different diameters or different types of inverted wire drawing machines, you need to equip the motor with power.https://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/