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How to maintain the wire drawing machine in summer

Sep 10, 2019

The hot summer has arrived, and we all know that there should be some difference in the maintenance of equipment in different seasons. For the wire drawing machine, when the weather is high in summer, there will be some changes in the maintenance requirements, then do you know how to do the summer maintenance work? Below we will introduce you to this content.

 In the summer, we need to use a targeted method to do the maintenance work. Because there is more rain in summer, the indoor environment will be damp, so it will easily lead to rusting problems in the wire drawing machine equipment, especially in key parts. If there is rust problem, it will seriously affect its work. performance. Therefore, we must pay attention to ensure the drying of the environment.

In addition, cleaning care for wire drawing equipment should be strengthened. It is important to arrange for staff to enhance the cleaning of the equipment and pay attention to the surface of the mainframe and the bearings. If abnormal problems are found, timely measures should be taken to deal with them. Of course, lubrication should also be done to ensure that it can function properly.

In addition to the above requirements, we also need to arrange the working time of the wire drawing machine. Due to the high temperature in summer, if you work continuously for a long time, it is easy to malfunction, and it will accelerate its aging. In serious cases, it may even cause some danger. So we are taking the equipment for a while after using it for a while and taking some cooling measures.

The above introduction is about the maintenance requirements of the wire drawing machine equipment in the summer. I hope that the users can pay attention to this problem, and carefully carry out the maintenance work according to the above contents to ensure the normal operation of the wire drawing machine equipment.https://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/