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Molding requirements and prices for inverted wire drawing machines

Sep 09, 2019

Two of these issues are more critical and we need to focus on them. One problem is the matching problem of the inverted wire drawing machine. If the incoming line requirement of a piece of equipment is 12mm and the pull-out specification is 6.75mm, then how do we complete the matching? How is the compression ratio of each channel calculated?

In response to this question, the answer we give is that a total of five processes are required. First, the requirements for the matching of the road should be 10.73, 25.0%; the second is 9.54, 21.0%; the third is 8.48, 21.0%; the fourth is 7.54, 20.9%, an inverted wire drawing machine The mold requirement is 6.75, 20.0%.

As for the problem of how the compression ratio of each channel should be, usually, when we are certain, we will determine from the previous production experience. In general, the compression ratio of the track is relatively large, usually 25%-30%. The compression ratio of the latter few will be smaller, about 20%, so to set the compression ratio, it is better for the inverted wire drawing machine equipment.

One problem is the price of the inverted wire drawing machine. Many people pay more attention to this problem. In fact, when analyzing the price, we mainly determine it according to its power level. At the same time, we need to consider other conditions together, so we cannot give a specific data.