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Surface painting and drawing method of wire drawing machine

Aug 03, 2019

After the surface of the wire drawing machine is sprayed, there may be small defects on the surface of the paint film such as coarse grain, sandpaper mark, flow mark, reverse white, orange peel, etc. To compensate for these defects, the aluminum plate drawing machine consists of a base, a disc, a polishing fabric, and a polishing cover. And the basic components such as the cover. The motor is fixed to the base, and the taper sleeve for fixing the polishing disc is connected to the motor shaft by screws 

Flat-press drawing is the most traditional drawing method for flat drawing, especially suitable for sheet metal processing. The lines drawn in this way are usually very thin and short, and can be called a snow pattern. This method requires better adhesion of the belt, and the line effect of the board can be more uniform. This is the way to draw with a centerless wire drawing machine. The abrasive product used is a non-woven brass wheel or abrasive belt. 

The flat-press drawing of the wire drawing machine is suitable for the drawing surface of a small area plane, such as the drawing of the digital camera casing, the drawing of the outer casing of the mobile phone, and the like. The abrasive belt is integrally ground and brushed on this surface, which generates a large amount of heat and causes stress concentration on the drawing side of the workpiece, especially for thin-walled parts. 

When the wire drawing machine is drawn, the roller brush vibration and the roller brush non-vibration can be used, and at the same time, different processing speeds are used to generate different lines of length. The abrasive belt rotates at a high speed, and the plate is passed through the belt by a conveyor belt for sanding. Usually, the stainless steel plate, the aluminum alloy and the like are made into a wire drawing semi-finished product, so as to further produce a plate-based product.