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Power consumption problem of inverted wire drawing machine and selection principle of gear box

Aug 02, 2019

The inverted wire drawing machine has a large loss during operation, so the equipment will be greatly reduced in performance and quality. The efficient energy-saving electromagnetic induction heating device can convert electric energy into heat energy when it is used, and then pass the equalization heating. , making its screw difficult to bend and deform 

The damage of the fuselage of the inverted wire drawing machine will be faster during the heating process. The main reason is that the traditional processing methods include electric heating and incineration. The two kinds of energy are not in the running process of the wire drawing machine. Changes in stoppages are very prone to open flames and pollution of exhaust gases, leading to safety accidents.

When the equipment is placed, it is necessary to ensure the bottom of the device to be fixed, which can effectively prevent the device from oscillating during the operation. During the debugging process, the axis of the device and the center of the die hole need to be symmetrical, so that the two There will be a uniform effect between the two.

In order to prevent frequent parking, the main reason for the formation is that the conflict caused by the tensile stress during the pulling start is much larger than the normal conflict, so the wear of the equipment will gradually become larger, and the wire of the cable needs to be preheated. deal with.

Because of the special reason of the inverted wire drawing machine, it will limit the selection of the reducer for the inverted wire drawing machine, and the inverted wire drawing machine is connected to each other at the output end of the reel and the reducer, and the ordinary vertical deceleration The machine can't match it. Although the inverted wire drawing machine has the form of assembly, the output end is not able to withstand the entire weight of the reel.

Therefore, a specific gearbox must be selected in order to work well with the inverted wire drawing machine to complete the normal work. Basically, the three-stage transmission reduction gearbox is selected. After the step-by-step transmission, the diameter of the latter stage can reach about 600 mm, and then the force is transmitted to the reel through the helical gear, so that the reel can be Rotate normally.