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The working capacity of the inverted wire drawing machine is strong

Aug 05, 2019

The reel of the inverted wire drawing machine is placed on the lower part of the reduction gear box, and the drawn wire can be directly received to the drop frame, thereby realizing the large rewinding line. In the whole degree of automation, the inverted wire drawing machine is bigger and heavier on the take-up reel than other wire drawing machines, at least two tons or more, effectively improving the efficiency of the take-up reel, and the degree of success. Meet the technical requirements of the market. 

Moreover, the development of the inverted wire drawing machine is very considerable, and of course it is very convenient in the unloading operation. The inverted vertical wire drawing machine allows many enterprises to obtain the advantages of the multi-function inverted wire drawing machine in the production and processing effect, and the main thing is that the inverted wire drawing machine also has the dual functions of wire receiving and wire drawing. At this point, other wire drawing machines cannot be compared with inverted wire drawing machines.

Inverted wire drawing machines are becoming more and more popular. Before installation, you should first select the appropriate position. Then place the inverted wire drawing machine of our choice on a stable floor and install it according to the instructions. Fix it on the pre-punched cement base with suitable expansion screws.

Then check if the equipment is stable and whether the auxiliary equipment is complete. When tightening the equipment, care should be taken to adjust the position of the main unit to ensure that the center of the reel and the center of rotation of the cart are in the same position. At the same time, pay attention to the adjustment of the host, it should be ensured that the car can keep moving smoothly in the process of moving back and forth. In addition, it is necessary to properly connect the electrical circuit of the equipment according to the requirements of electricity consumption to ensure no leakage or short circuit.

Before the inverted wire drawing machine is commissioned, check that the installation is complete and check that the bolts are tight. Then, inject a proper amount of lubricating oil into the interior of the inverted wire drawing machine, and at the same time, check the center position through the observation hole to ensure the height is suitable.

In addition, care should be taken to ensure that there is no oil leakage in the body of the reduction gearbox. Then start it under no-load condition. At this time, you should pay attention to check whether its running state can be kept stable, whether there will be large noise, or obvious vibration problem. During the operation of the empty load, try to control each control button to control various actions such as starting, normal operation, and parking of the whole machine.