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Several questions about the water tank type wire drawing machine

Oct 05, 2019

As for the working principle of the water tank type wire drawing machine, I believe everyone is very clear. Here we want to introduce a few related questions to you and give specific answers. I hope that we can help you better use the water tank type wire drawing machine. Let's take a look at the specific content.

In fact, in the process of drawing using a water tank type wire drawing machine, it is usually only necessary to use an electric motor to drive through a mechanical transmission or a gear box. However, due to the different configurations, the drawing speed of each drawing head will also change differently. So, how can we guarantee that the required wire can be smoothly penetrated into the mold?

For this problem, it is actually very well solved. Since the drawing die of the water tank type wire drawing machine is thinner than the wire rod, we need to first pass the wire rod through the tipping machine in the wire drawing equipment and then thread it into the wire drawing die. So why use brushed soapy water after using the brushed powder? Many users will worry that this will cause conflicts between the two, or it may be repeated, and it is considered unnecessary.

In fact, the role of the two is not the same. For example, the main function of the brushed powder we use is dry-drawing lubrication, while the brushed soapy water is water-lubricated. Moreover, after the brushed powder is lubricated, the surface of the product of the process must be covered with brushed powder, and the oily and dark ones that are touched by hand are qualified products. So, does the water inside the water tank type drawing machine only play a role in lubrication? In fact, the liquid in the water tank is drawing oil instead of water, which not only has the function of lubrication, but also functions as cooling and cleaning.https://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/