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Introduce three important devices in the pull-down machine

Oct 06, 2019

In the wire drawing machine equipment, it is often necessary to equip many related devices to ensure that the wire drawing task can be successfully completed. Here, we will introduce three more important devices in the drawing machine, the winding head, the cable arranging device and the cable detaching device. I hope that through this introduction, I can help you understand the device more deeply.

First, let's take a look at the features and main functions of the lower winding head structure. Typically, the entire head is made of aluminum and stainless steel. Moreover, its structure is a centrifugal rise type. During the operation of the wire drawing machine, the nose of the machine will maintain a high-speed rotation state. Therefore, under the action of the centrifugal force, the rising block will support the winding drum, and the fiber is entangled. On the surface of the winding drum. When the work is over, the machine head stops rotating, and the centrifugal force disappears and the free fall is able to perform the unloading operation.

So, what are the characteristics of the cable arranging device in the wire drawing machine? Normally, it operates in two ways: rotary motion and reciprocating motion. The former is realized by the timing motor through the synchronous belt drive, while the latter is realized by the servo motor through the timing belt, the rolling screw assembly and the linear bearing transmission.

Let's take a look at what is the cable detacher. For the wire drawing machine equipment, the main function of the device is manifested in two aspects, one is to move the wire aligner to the head in the direction of winding, and the other is to extend the time during the winding process. The increase in the thickness of the cake can cause the wire sifter to gradually move to the right and ensure that the tension between the inner and outer layers of the cake is uniform.https://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/