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Inverted wire drawing machine production standard analysis

Oct 07, 2019

When manufacturing and manufacturing inverted wire drawing machines, the manufacturer shall comply with many standards and regulations and shall be manufactured in accordance with the drawings and technical documents approved by the prescribed procedures. It is mentioned in the standard that the wire drawing equipment produced should be easy to operate, safe and reliable. Moreover, there should be facilities such as safe parking and emergency parking in the event of disconnection or chaotic lines.

In addition, the inverted wire drawing machine equipment also has corresponding regulations on the wire-removing work. For example, the wire-receiving method of the device has a finished reel take-up line, a continuous take-up device or a spool-retracting device. Therefore, if the wire drawing device is equipped with a roll-type winding device, it should also match the size of the wire drawing reel to ensure the smooth completion of the wire-removing work.

In the production process, we not only need to ensure that the entire inverted wire drawing machine looks beautiful and should be safe and reliable. Therefore, in the production of the equipment, it is necessary to install a corresponding safety shield, and a safety cover should be provided at the rotating part. Note that the safety cover cannot be opened when the machine is turned on to ensure the safety of the staff.

In addition, the material of the parts of all inverted wire drawing machines must also comply with the relevant standards, and only materials that meet the standards can be used. Large to motors, reducers, small bolts, nuts, etc., all components must be operated in accordance with standards. One of the key components - the production standard of the reel is more stringent, its surface hardness should not be less than 50HRC, and the effective hardened layer is not less than 1.5mm. Be aware that only a reel can be called a qualified wire drawing machine.

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