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Safe operation of wire drawing unit and reasonable use of frequency conversion technology

Dec 27, 2020

The electrical equipment of the wire drawing unit must be well grounded, and the two limit screws of the stroke striker must be complete; during operation, it is forbidden to touch the hand wheels, handles and electrical buttons at will to avoid accidents; it is forbidden to touch each movement with your hands Components; tools and other objects are not allowed on the workbench.

The safety devices such as the grinding wheel guard and belt guard of the wire drawing machine must be intact and must not be removed at will. All fixing screws of the guard should only be tightened; when the grinding wheel is started, no one should stand in front of the grinding wheel to avoid accidents Situation: When repairing or inspecting the wire drawing machine, the power supply of the sling round wire drawing unit must be cut off.

When feeding the grinding wheel or the wire drawing knife of the wire drawing machine, it should be steady and slow to ensure safety. The bed surface, straightening machine guide rail, etc. should be frequently oiled; before starting the wire drawing machine, the grinding wheel or wire drawing knife should be away from the grinding roller for a certain distance, and the electrical appliances should be at the stop position. The grinding roller sleeve, grinding roller bearing and stroke striker must be Adjust properly and tighten; after drawing, exit the cutter first, then stop, unload the roller of the drawing machine and place it on the skid. If it is not in use, apply anti-rust oil.

With the continuous development of frequency conversion speed regulation technology, frequency conversion speed regulators have been widely used in the wire drawing machine industry. They are responsible for wire drawing speed regulation, tension winding, and multi-level synchronization control. The application of frequency converters has greatly improved the wire drawing machine The automation level and processing capacity of the company have effectively reduced the unit energy consumption and maintenance cost of the equipment, which has been widely recognized by the industry.