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The characteristics and configuration requirements of the straight wire drawing machine

Dec 25, 2020

The straight wire drawing machine is one of the common metal wire processing equipment, which can process high, medium and low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, copper wire, alloy copper wire, aluminum alloy wire, etc. The error of the straight wire drawing machine is 0.1% accurate meter; fixed length automatic deceleration and stop; broken wire detection and automatic stop; any reel forward and backward jog and left-right linkage; various fault information and processing information display; various movements Information monitoring.

It also supports any mold matching process. After the mold wears out, it is automatically compensated by tuning, and the wire is not easy to break. And there is a jumper device that can cut off the reel at will to adapt to different processes. According to user needs, remote control and remote diagnosis can be implemented based on industrial Ethernet.

The straight wire drawing machine is not only efficient and high speed, but also has no torsion and distortion. Because of the strong cooling and high cost performance of the straight wire drawing machine, the straight wire drawing machine is a very excellent non-sliding continuous wire drawing machine. , The application in the entire metal products industry is quite extensive.

The bearings of the high-quality straight wire drawing machine are imported, and generally do not need to be replaced after three or four years. The gears in the straight wire drawing machine all require gear grinding and the surface accuracy needs to be above grade five. The frequency converters and low-voltage power distribution components are all imported brands, so the price is relatively high, but the quality is guaranteed.