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Performance characteristics of several main devices in copper wire drawing machines

Aug 22, 2018

The copper wire drawing machine can adopt the water-cooling mode, in which the mold box part is set at a suitable position, and can be adjusted up and down and left and right during the drawing process, and a crimping device is arranged to reduce the vibration of the wire, and the flower line is not easily generated. Optional rotary mold box, pressure mold box and mold box ashing device. Moreover, the surface of the tuning roller of the copper wire drawing machine is sprayed to resist wear.


Moreover, the tension of the copper wire drawing machine can be effectively adjusted because it uses pneumatic back tension tuning. The control mode of the machine also includes a variety of, such as AC frequency control, PLC full control, touch screen man-machine interface. The pay-off method is a pay-off rack or a spooler. The wire-receiving method is to use a spooler or a trunk-like lower-line machine.


The copper wire drawing machine can maintain stable operation under normal operating conditions, and has high precision and is not easy to break the wire to ensure the total production. At the same time, due to the configuration of the fully enclosed protection system, the safety is good; the dust removal pipeline system can be set according to the needs of users to reduce dust pollution.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/