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Working requirements for inverted wire drawing machines

Aug 27, 2018

There are several basic requirements that should be satisfied when the inverted wire drawing machine is working: first, the main motor speed can be adjusted; second, the main motor can start with low speed and large torque; third, the car turntable motor speed can be adjusted, and the main motor speed Matching coordination; Fourth, the trolley travel motor should be able to reverse the current and take off control when the whole machine is running, so as to avoid accidents caused by malfunction.


In order to achieve the requirements of energy-saving production, it is necessary to match the inverter with the inverted wire drawing machine. The functions of various types of inverters are similar, and the selection is mainly based on the requirements of the equipment and the price. The frequency conversion speed regulation has the advantages of energy saving, convenient speed regulation, flexibility, large starting torque, low speed starting, no impact on the power grid, stable and reliable work.


During the operation of the inverted wire drawing machine, reasonable adjustments are required to match the speed. Therefore, during the drawing process, the speed of the take-up turntable is usually required to be slightly lower than that of the main machine, so that the line can be smoothly taken off. The appropriate matching speed can only be adjusted while the wire is being drawn in the field.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/