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Maintenance of wire drawing machine mold

Apr 12, 2020

Usually, the drawing template is always used for a long time during the operation of the drawing machine. Because the mold wall is always subjected to strong scouring and friction of different wires during operation, it usually causes some wear and tear, and generally forms a small dent at the entrance of the material. . If there is a ring groove of the wire drawing die, it will accelerate the wear of the template. If it is not repaired in time, its loss will continue to increase, and it will greatly increase the difficulty when it is repaired. Completely scrapped and scrapped.

To avoid the above situation, the operator must customize a set of daily maintenance specifications for the wire drawing machine equipment according to the detailed experience in daily work. During operation, once there is slight wear on the template, it should be polished in time, so that the template can be restored to the original polishing state in a short time, and its hole size will not change much.