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Maintenance and maintenance of the inverted vertical drawing machine and no-load requirements

May 25, 2019

The inverted vertical drawing machine runs for 2 hours at no load, and operates the control button to control the start, normal operation and stop of the whole machine. In this process, not only to ensure that the temperature rise of the inverted vertical drawing machine bearings does not exceed 35 degrees Celsius, and the operation of each button is accurate and reliable, there is no looseness in each connection, at the same time, there is no abnormal noise, the whole machine gear lubrication full. Then, the load test of the inverted vertical drawing machine was carried out, and the load was gradually changed from small to large for two hours. In the process of increasing the load, the bar drawing machine should have no abnormal vibration and abnormal noise. The temperature rise of the reducer bearing does not exceed 60 °C, the reducer has no oil leakage, and the press roller of the inverted vertical drawing machine maintains a certain gap. Between the scrolls, it can't be too big.

Before the inverted vertical drawing machine is tightened, the position of the main machine should also be adjusted so that the center of the drum and the steering center of the cart are in the same position. The car has no cards moving back and forth. According to the requirements of the electrician, the circuit equipment is reasonably connected to ensure no leakage or short circuit. The test machine is also an indispensable part of the installation of the entire wire drawing machine. However, before this, the screw should be checked to tighten the screw; at the same time, the lubricating oil is injected into the reduction gear box of the wire drawing machine to the center of the hole, and the quality of the lubricating oil. The quality of the lubricant in the mold box and the box. The height is qualified to ensure that the gearbox of the inverted vertical drawing machine does not leak oil.

In order to ensure the high quality and high efficiency of the upstream vertical drawing machine, attention should be paid to the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment from the long-term perspective of the inverter. The inverted vertical drawing machine is designed for continuous and non-twisting operation of large plates. It has the dual function of drawing and winding. Suitable for high, medium and low carbon steel wire, profiled steel wire, stainless steel wire, thick non-ferrous metal wire drawing, especially suitable for standard parts industry and shelf manufacturing. www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com