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Inverted Drawing Machine Product Introduction and Installation Requirements

Apr 04, 2018

Currently, most of the inverted wire drawing machines on the market adopt the non-sliding drawing method, which is mainly developed for the drawing of middle and low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, special-shaped steel wire, and non-ferrous metal coarse and medium-diameter steel wire rods. Inverted drawing machine is suitable for standard parts industry, supermarket shelf manufacturing industry, steel wire processing enterprises.


1, the main features of inverted drawing machine: The drive system of this equipment is specially used a first-class strong narrow V-belt combination hardened surface reducer or a swinging ring reducer; major take-up reel; reel forced air cooling; pneumatic pressure roller ; Under the plate independent power and adjustable under the coil diameter; AC frequency control, machine operation is convenient, safe and reliable, energy saving more than 30%.


2. Working principle of the inverted drawing machine: Under normal operating conditions, the machine drives the motor through the pulley and the three-stage gear drive to drive the reel placed on the output shaft of the deceleration box to rotate, and the drawing wire is drawn. The drawn wire passes through a lead roller and is introduced into a drop frame. The drop frame and the reel rotate synchronously.


3, inverted drawing machine structural characteristics: Compared with other similar equipment, this series of models of the structure is designed for the drum reversing the lower part of the gear box, after drawing the wire can be directly received to the drop frame, so as to achieve a broader market Regain the line. Usually the equipment is mainly composed of a frame, a gear box, a reel, a drop frame, a trolley, a pneumatic system, an AC frequency conversion speed control electronic control system, and an electric motor.


4. Installation Requirements for Inverted Drawing Machine: When installing, firstly lay the cement foundation, then use a suitable expansion screw to fix it; and check whether the equipment is stable and whether the auxiliary equipment is in place. Remember that before fastening the inverted wire drawing machine, adjust the position of the main unit so that the center of the roll is in the same position as the turning center of the cart.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/