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Multifunctional intelligent water tank drawing machine meets the needs of different users

Apr 08, 2018

The main feature of the multifunctional intelligent high-speed water tank drawing machine is that it can maintain stable operation, high-speed operation and high-efficiency production state during operation. And the multi-function intelligent high-speed water tank drawing machine belongs to an environment-friendly intelligent production equipment. In actual operation, the equipment is used to draw a certain diameter of wire rod through multiple passes and form once.


From the structural design analysis, this new type of water tank drawing machine equipment breaks through the traditional wire drawing machine design concept and adopts multifunctional intelligent control to meet different user needs. The machine is usually composed of three parts of a pay-off machine, a drawing machine and a take-up machine. Among them, regarding the pay-off machine, different structures are adopted because of the different production processes of wire rod manufacturers.


After the improvement of the water tank drawing machine equipment, its environmental protection is good, and the noise is low. The wire rod adopts the method of equal diameter tower wheel drawing. The linearity of the steel wire is better and the diameter of the wire is easy to control. Of course, for different production requirements, it is also necessary to select suitable drawing equipment. In addition, according to the different process requirements of steel cord manufacturers, various spools can be provided. The whole machine can be integrated with the drawing machine and the tensioning mechanism in parallel.


In order to cope with the high-efficiency operation of the high-speed water tank drawing machine equipment, corresponding auxiliary mechanisms are also configured for it. Including drafting agencies and other institutions. For the 21-die water tank wire drawing machine, when the steel wire with a diameter of 1.0 mm or more passes through the mold, the labor intensity is relatively large. Therefore, a type of motorized wire drawing mechanism is designed so that the steel wire can be completed through a dedicated mechanism when the steel wire is passed through the mold. During the process, the labor intensity of the workers was greatly reduced, and the overall machine wearing time was reduced by a factor of two.


In addition, if a flip-type water tank drawing machine is used, an automatic turnover mechanism may be provided instead of a manual operation; when the finished mold is drawn, a dual-mode mechanism is provided to improve the surface quality of the finished steel wire. At the outlet end of the water tank drawing machine, an on-line detection mechanism can be installed to timely detect the wire diameter of the steel wire in the production process.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/