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Introduction to basic parameters of water tank drawing machine

Jan 12, 2019

Understanding the operating parameters of the water tank drawing machine equipment will help to operate and use the equipment more flexibly. The system parameters of the water tank drawing machine mainly include four parameters, namely wire diameter, cylinder diameter, cylinder length and metering parameters. These parameters respectively mean: the diameter of the input product line; the diameter of the input winding wheel; the length of the input winding wheel; and the circumference of the metering wheel. The basic units of the above parameters are meters.


During the operation of the water tank drawing machine, the working parameters should be adjusted reasonably. The parameters of this part mainly include the wired speed, which refers to the speed of the main unit, the unit is m/min; the set length refers to the setting of the finished line. The total length, the unit is m; the line gap setting, that is, the pitch of the finished product line, the unit is mm.


There are also some compensation parameters of the water tank drawing machine equipment, mainly as follows: 1. Start delay, which refers to the delay time after the compensation action takes effect; 2. Speed delay, the compensation action needs to be effective after adjusting the speed. Time; 3, compensation range, the situation of compensation action will affect the scope of compensation; 4, real-time, under normal circumstances, the feedback signal is displayed in real time, can not be set separately; 5, up and down settings, respectively Set the upper and lower limits of the feedback signal.www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com