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How to achieve energy-saving operation of inverted wire drawing machine

Jan 11, 2019

Inverted wire drawing machines are affected by many other factors during the operation, which may cause the load of the equipment to increase, thus affecting its energy consumption. It also affects the quality of the wire drawing. If the load force of the inverted wire drawing machine device is increased, then the reverse pulling force it receives will also increase.


Under such circumstances, not only the operating state of the inverted wire drawing machine device is adversely affected, but also the probability of occurrence of wire breakage is greatly increased. So, how can we adjust to achieve energy saving? First of all, in the actual operation, some effective measures should be taken to ensure that the equipment can run stably for a long time. For example, we can detect the voltage and current signals generated by its operation by detecting the control system, so that we can also know the amount of change in its load. Then we can make appropriate adjustments based on changes in its load.


Of course, during the use of the inverted wire drawing machine equipment, it is necessary to make reasonable adjustments to its operating parameters. It is also conceivable to use the frequency converter for regulation, so that the system control precision of the inverted wire drawing machine device can be greatly improved, thereby meeting the technical needs. After being put into use, not only can the quality of the product be guaranteed, but also a lot of power can be saved.www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com