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Improvement of high speed water tank wire drawing machine

Sep 25, 2019

In the past work, some users reported that when using the water tank type wire drawing machine equipment, they often encountered such problems: the tower wheel wears frequently and scraps frequently, the steel wire lubrication layer is easy to be destroyed, and the number of mold changes is large. When such a problem occurs, it often affects the normal progress of drawing work, so we need to take certain measures to avoid such problems as much as possible.

In response to such a situation, we have developed a slip-ring planetary rolling puller that can be matched with a water tank type wire drawing machine after the analysis and the principle of drawing characteristics of the reverse pulling force. After the use of such a device, the drawing force can be generated by the frictional moment of the planetary wheel, and the wire can be pulled and pulled. In this way, both traction and slipping exist.

Therefore, in the course of work, not only can the steel wire be tightly wound on the slip ring, so that it can maintain the synchronous movement state with the drawn wheel body, and the slip ring can freely roll on the planetary gear, thereby avoiding the steel wire in the tower. Sliding friction generated on the wheel. In comparison, after the use of such a device, the productivity of the water tank type wire drawing machine can be increased by about 44%, and the load factor of the worker is also greatly reduced. In addition, it can effectively improve the service life of the wire drawing die.

Of course, it also improves the surface quality of the drawn products. In the process of high-speed drawing, for the wire φ9.5mm drawing electrical aluminum wire, we generally require the speed of the water tank type wire drawing machine to reach 30m / s or more; and for the 82B steel wire of the incoming wire φ1lmm, the outlet line The speed record of 94.22mm is 12m/s. It can be seen that the production of high-quality steel wire at high speed requires comprehensive and comprehensive conditions.

So, what factors will affect the effect of high-speed drawing? How can we break through? Due to the high running speed of the water tank type drawing machine and the number of drawing passes from several to twenty times, a large amount of compression can be achieved, so in the drawing process, we need to control as much as possible. Flatness.https://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/