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Main parameters and operating procedures of inverted wire drawing machine

Sep 24, 2019

When it comes to the inverted wire drawing machine, I think everyone is no longer strange, because we have already introduced it many times before. The device has the dual functions of wire drawing and wire take-up. Due to its unique performance, it helps many users to solve some of the problems encountered in production. Below we will introduce the main parameters of the inverted wire drawing machine.

In fact, understanding the main parameters of the inverted wire drawing machine will help us to be more comfortable when using the device in the future. Under normal circumstances, the large incoming wire diameter of the equipment can reach 30 mm, the diameter of the reel is generally 600-1400 mm, and the speed regulation mode is AC frequency conversion speed regulation; the receiving mode is active adjustable, or the trolley automatic walk. The equipment can be mainly used to pull high, medium and low carbon steel wires, as well as stainless steel wire.

In addition, it can also carry out the drawing process of some coarse-sized non-ferrous metal wires. After learning the main parameters, if you want to operate the inverted wire drawing machine well, then we need to learn the specific procedures. Let's take a look at the specific content.

Before turning on the equipment, we need to pay attention to check whether the lubrication condition is reasonable, whether the waterway pressure is within the normal range, and whether there is a drop frame on the trolley. Make sure that there is no obvious abnormality before turning on the inverted wire drawing machine. Note that to connect it to the appropriate power supply, run it for a while and observe its operating status. Then you can gradually increase the speed, so that the device can enter the normal working state and work normally smoothly.

In addition, after the end of the work, the wire drawing mold should be placed, usually placed in the mold box, and can not be placed anywhere else. It should be noted that during the operation of the inverted wire drawing machine, the staff must not perform any operation in the lower part of the machine to prevent danger.https://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/