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High-strength Wire Drawing Machine

Mar 15, 2017

LZ 9/560   Dry Wire Drawing Machine  

Product Description

I. Composing of production line

Pay-off → Straight wire drawing machine → Trunk take-up (include wire drawing and water cooling) 

II. Introduction of double wire type surface treating line

Composing of surface treating line

Mechanical husking and descaling with steel brush →Electrolytic acid pickling→ Hot water washing→ Boron coating→ Baking equipment→ Air drying equipment→[drawing machine]

III. Instruction of wire drawing machine

1. Drive System

The way of transmission for wire drawing machine is by: Variable frequency motor + Narrow v-belt + Decelerator with hardness gear surface + Narrow v-belt to drive the block.

2. Block

Block is accurately founded by cast steel, re-tempering treatment after the rough processing, the work surface of block is welded by wear-resisting piano wire then sprayed with carbide tungsten, then finish machined by a grinding machine. The block working surface rigidity is over HRC60. The inside surface of block is sprayed with Aluminum.

Block inside adopts narrow gap type water cooling while block outside adopt concentrate air cooling. All blocks are fixed with leaning rollers.

3. Water jacket

The narrow gap cooling way is adopted for the block’s interior uses. The water jacket is fixed to the axes seat, the clearance between block and water jacket is very small.

When the block is rotating oppositely to the water jacket, the cooling water spouts from the water jacket can flow by very high velocity. This could generate very high heat conduction efficiency. Water jacket is made by cast steel with galvanizing on surface.

4. Die box

All are normal die boxes(die dimension should be offered by client). Die box is cooled directly by water.

Tuning roller is driven by cylinder. Die box can be adjusted up to down, front to back, left to right agility and can be fixed. The screw in top and nut for die box are both made of tin bronze. Hard alloy made direction guiding die is fixed at die box inlet.

5. Gearbox

The chief bearings for gearbox with hard gear surface adopt products from Japanese NSK. All gearboxes are filled with VG220 compound gear oil before leaving factory.

6. Safety cover

On the top of each block there is a safety cover, which needs to close before the equipment start up. If the cover is open, the equipment can only run in slow speed. The safety cover has covered the total front of operation side and have daylight lamp inside for illuming use. Safety cover is controlled by spring.

7. Lubricating

Electric driven grease pump is fixed, which can automatically fill oil into the chief shaft bearing of block.

8. Pay-off

It adopts the hydraulic high pay-off, equipped with two hydraulic arms and single supporting capacity ≤ 2500 kg. Through the exchange of two volumes line to achieve no-parking paying off.

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