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easy to operate inverted vertical wire drawing machine

Mar 15, 2017

Product Description

 About inverted vertical wire drawing machine  


-   Duck pay-off machine for wire rod coils

-   Mechanical wire descaling machine

-   Straight line wire drawing machine 

-   Take-up coiler


inverted vertical wire drawing machine advantages:


-Low-noise operation

-No damage of wire surface and lubricant carrier

-Easy handling for loading process

-High pay-off speed

-High safety standard against accidents


inverted vertical wire drawing machine Usage:

It is applied for the production of Prestressing Strand, Steel Cord, Bead Wire, Steel Wire,

Spring Steel Wire, Stainless Steel Wire, Gas Welding Wire, Arc Welding Wire, etc.

vertical wire-drawing machine


This wire drawing machine can draw the low carbon, medium carbon . high carbon wire and the material of wire can be copper, aluminum, etc, so it is suitable for wooden screws, electric lead, copper rope, spring industries.

It adopts electric control, so it has the features of easy operation, low noise, high efficiency.


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