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Frequency conversion control system for Copper Wire Drawing Machine

Nov 12, 2018

In the drawing operation, the Copper Wire Drawing Machine equipment can be used with the frequency conversion control system. At present, the double-frequency conversion system is mostly used, one of which is used as the main pull and the other is used for the take-up control. The small (fine) puller currently has a single inverter control system. System configuration: the main pull is 37kW, and the take-up line is 11kW.


The main requirements of the process requirements for copper wire drawing equipment are as follows:

During the operation of the equipment, its maximum take-up speed is 1200 meters per minute. The maximum running frequency of the main pull and take-up frequency converter can be calculated by the highest take-up speed required by the process. The main pull drive wheel diameter is 280mm. The roll has an initial diameter of 280 mm and a final diameter of 560 mm. At the initial winding, the diameter of the reel is the smallest, and the rotation speed is the highest: 1200m/min, N0 =1363r/min, so that the highest output frequency of the take-up inverter is 45.4Hz.


From the above analysis, during the operation of the Copper Wire Drawing Machine, we can set the maximum frequency of the receiving frequency converter to 50Hz to ensure that its maximum winding speed is ≥1200m/min. The maximum frequency of the main pull inverter is calculated to be 75 Hz according to the transmission ratio (the intermediate diameter of the reel is 420 mm); the upper limit frequency is 45.4 Hz (guaranteed to a maximum of 1200 m/min), and the commissioning is basically set to 50 Hz.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/