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Difficulties in the straight line wire drawing machine frequency conversion control system

Nov 30, 2018

There are certain technical requirements for the control operation of the straight-through wire drawing machine. Since the machine uses multiple motors to simultaneously stretch the wire, high working efficiency can be achieved. At the same time, it has high requirements for the synchronism of the motor and the rapid response of the dynamic response. Due to the brittle nature of stainless steel materials and the lack of toughness like high carbon steel wire or steel cord, it is easier to break during operation.


Considering that the system logic control of the straight-through wire drawing machine is relatively complicated, there is a linkage relationship during the period, so it can be realized by PLC. The synchronization control is implemented internally by all MD320 inverters and does not depend on external control. In use, the speed of the job can be determined according to the operator's panel setting. The analog signal of the speed enters the PLC, and the PLC outputs the analog signal according to a certain slope after considering the time of acceleration and deceleration. The purpose of this is mainly to meet the needs of some operations such as jogging and threading.


With the operation of the straight-through wire drawing machine, the analog voltage signal output by the PLC system is simultaneously connected to one input of all the frequency converters as the main reference signal of the speed. The signals of the swing arm displacement sensors are connected to the corresponding drum drive inverters as control feedback signals.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/