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Condition for normal drawing of water tank drawing machine

Jan 19, 2019

The water tank drawing machine has the characteristics of pulling and pulling during the running process. The structure of the machine is simple and compact, with less floor space and convenient operation. Due to the high drawing speed of the machine and better cooling effect, the die life is longer. In the drawing operation, there is no dust influence, which improves the working environment on site.


Not only that, the surface of the finished wire produced by the water tank drawing machine equipment is clean and has no twist. However, in the process of drawing, there is a problem that there is always relative sliding between the steel wire and the tower wheel, and thus adhesive wear and abrasive wear occur, which causes the tower wheel to wear and scrap frequently, and even seriously affects the steel wire. the quality of.


In fact, during the drawing operation of the water tank drawing machine equipment, the elongation coefficient of the steel wire is always greater than the speed increasing ratio of the drawing tower wheel step. There is always sliding between the tower wheel mixing steel wires, and the water tank drawing is relied on this sliding. Ensure the supply of steel wire between the front and rear molds, otherwise the steel wire will be broken due to short supply, which will affect the drawing operation.www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com