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Introduction of drawing characteristics of inverted wire drawing machine

Jan 18, 2019

One of the working characteristics of the inverted wire drawing machine is that it has high degree of automation, can draw and take up the wire at the same time, and has the advantages of a retractable wire of up to 2 tons, convenient and reliable unloading, easy operation, high production efficiency, safety and reliability. For the user, the machine has high low frequency torque, stable output, high performance vector control and good energy saving effect.


Moreover, the proportional linkage control of the inverted wire drawing machine has high precision and can ensure the quality of the wire drawing. In actual operation, it also has a slip compensation function, which can achieve higher speed accuracy. The machine can effectively maintain constant tension, prevent wire breakage, stable and efficient operation of the circuit, advanced design concept of the device, smooth lines and beautiful appearance.


In addition, the operation and control of the inverted wire drawing machine are also very flexible and simple, powerful input and output multi-function programmable terminal, speed pulse input, two analog output; unique adaptive control characteristics, motor torque during operation The upper limit is automatically limited to effectively suppress overcurrent frequent trips. The device has fast response, strong adaptability, simple debugging, and various flexible control methods to meet various complex working conditions.www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com