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Future technology development prospects and trends of straight wire drawing machine equipment

Jan 28, 2019

At present, the production technology of the straight-through wire drawing machine is quite mature, and has the advantages of high speed of the finished metal wire, stable tension control, small deformation of the steel wire, low breaking rate and low equipment failure rate. Moreover, the human-machine interface design is more meticulous, convenient for on-site workers to operate, easy to learn and easy to operate.


From the perspective of production, in order to further improve the stability of the straight-through wire drawing machine and to monitor its tension, a tension arm is added between each pass. Due to the development of variable frequency speed control technology and fieldbus communication technology, it is now developing and monitoring the current of the reel motor by real-time monitoring of the inverter to monitor the wire torque in real time, and then correct the drawing speed, thereby eliminating the tension arm of each pass. It saves costs and reduces the source of failure, which is one of the future development technologies of the straight-through wire drawing machine.


In short, the straight-through wire drawing machine belongs to a mechatronics device with high control requirements and a multi-mechanical high-speed precision coordinated working system. The control algorithm principle is more complicated, and the debugging accuracy is higher, involving PLC and field bus. Advanced technology applications in modern industrial automation such as communications and AC drives.www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com