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Bending machine works

Jan 14, 2017

Bending machine components working principles:

1, the synchronization system: this machine consists of torsion bar, swing arm, bearings and other components of the mechanical synchronization mechanism, simple structure, reliable performance, synchronization and high accuracy. Mechanical block motor adjustment, CNC control values.

Part 2, the slider: use hydraulic transmission, parts by sliding the slider blocks, cylinders and mechanical block structure and composition of fine tuning. About Bender cylinder fixed to the rack, by means of hydraulic pistons (rod) drive slider up and down movement, mechanical block controlled by CNC system control values.

3, stock stop: bending machine gear motor, move through the chain driven two synchronized screw, CNC control system block size.

Part 4, table: the button box of control, brake motor drives the stopper moves back and forth, the distance and is controlled by CNC system with the minimum reading to 0.01 mm (front and rear position limit switch limit).

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