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Brake adjustment

Jan 14, 2017

Bending machine is a kind of thin plate bending machine, its structure includes brackets, work table and clamp plate, on the bench in a cradle, bench constituted by the base and clamp plate, base connected by a hinge and clamp plate, base by base, coils and cover plates, coils within SAG, SAG top cover cover plate. Small series to introduce next <A href= "" > foot brake line adjustment of the distance, and hopefully it will help you!

1, loosen the cutter plate, adjusting screw, adjust to desired cutter on distance, good morning plate;

2, adjust the hh, the upper and lower cutter is the desired clearance;

3, note after adjusting the cutter to remain parallel to each other;

4, adjust the handwheel forming lines of 39 feet high, short distance up to line, whereas wire distance gets longer.

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