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Harm and treatment methods of hydraulic press hydraulic clamping

Jan 14, 2017

Harm of hydraulic press hydraulic clamping

For burrs and dirt sliding die hydraulic components into the gap, resulting in valve, usually referred to as mechanical clamping. Fluids flow through spool valve (valve cover) when the gaps between, radial force acting on a spool valve is stuck, called hydraulic clamping. Hydraulic clamping, hydraulic components, will result in the following risks:

① mild of hydraulic card tight, makes hydraulic components within of Yang on mobile pieces (as valve core, and leaves, and column plug, and piston,) movement Shi of friction resistance increased, caused action slow, even action disorder of phenomenon; II serious of hydraulic card tight, makes hydraulic components within of accounts on mobile pieces completely card live, cannot movement, caused cannot action (as reversing valve cannot reversing, column plug pump column plug cannot movement and achieved sucking oil and pressure oil,) of phenomenon, handles of operation force increases.

Hydraulic press measures to eliminate hydraulic clamping and other valves

① the hydraulic press hydraulic clamping method and reduction measures a. the valve core and the valve hole Machining accuracy, and improve the accuracy of its shape and location. Current hydraulic parts suppliers on the spool and the shape of the hole of the valve body, such as roundness and cylindricity control in 0.003mm, this accuracy is reached without hydraulic clamping phenomenon.

B. Press opened several locations on the surface of the valve core for the right slot, and voltage slots ensure the outer circle concentric with the valve core. C. cone's shoulder, shoulder small end toward the area Lee renal valve in the valve hole diameter. D. conditional makes the valve core or valve hole axially or circle of high frequency and small amplitude. E. carefully remove the valve core shroud and valve holes countersunk slotted tip on the edge of the discretion of Burr, outer circle and prevent knock and break the valve core valve body holes.

F. improving the cleanliness of the oil.

② Press remove valve methods and measures of the phenomenon of a card for other reasons. ensure the valve core and the valve body bore a reasonable gap between. For example +16 of the valve core and the valve body holes, the gap is 0. 008~0. 012mm;

B. improving the quality of valve body castings, reducing heat treatment deformation of the valve core z

C. control of oil temperature, avoid high temperature p d. fasten screws diagonally tighten evenly and prevent hole deformation of the valve body Assembly Ka.

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