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Application and principle of leveling machine

Jan 14, 2017

Leveling machine is mainly used to correct specifications sheet and cut into blocks of sheet metal. This function applies a variety of cold and hot rolled sheet straightening. Because of its easy operation, simple applications all over the machinery, metallurgical, building materials, chemicals, electronics, electric power, light industry and other industries, particularly in shipbuilding, locomotives and metal structures, boilers, bridges, factories and other industries, becoming indispensable to the production of the required products.

Roller-type planing machine is to use the material "bauschinger effect", multiple positive and negative bending of sheet metal, makes a variety of original curvature gradually into a single curvature, and eventually straightening.

Leveling machine setting upper and lower die die, on one die fixed on the cylinder push rod, hydraulic cylinder fixed to the support frame, press die and die under the settings have an independent cooling water road, on the road of the cooling water outlet and inlet are located at die or die under it. Imported from the leveling machine, at least before the start of RADIUS/5 roller centre distance than with traditional leveling machine of the same, and leveling machine the entrance of at least the last 5 roller RADIUS/distance ratio and curl close to elimination, and the advantage is that leveling machine roller centre distance increases. In parallel with the rapid cooling to avoid impurities on the erosion of the tool or knife blanks, thus ensuring the tool or slab surface hardness and metallographic structure quality and prevent oil pollution. Its device specific configuration can be customized according to customer requirements of straightener roll number and multiplicity, there are generally two-fold 7, 9, 11, 13 rolls and there are four heavy roll 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, six to 17, 19 rolls.

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