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Characteristics of CNC Planer slot machine

Jan 14, 2017

NC planing machine with high precision CNC machine tool, depending on the program, it differs from the common machine tools, not manufacturing, to replace a lot of molds, fixtures, do not need to frequently adjust the machine. NC planing slot machine applies Yu by processing of parts frequently replaced of occasions, which for single pieces, small bulk products of production and the new products of development, to shortened has production prepared cycle, save has large process equipment of costs. NC machine of processing precision General can up 0.05-0.1MM, NC machine is by digital signal form control of, NC device each output a pulse signal, is machine mobile parts mobile a with pulse equivalent, And machine tool feed drive chain backlash and screw pitch error can be compensated by the NC March and, therefore, high positioning accuracy of machine tool CNC slotting machine. Process quality is stable, reliable, and processing the same part in the same machine, under the same conditions, using the same tools and processes, exactly the same tool passes path, part of good consistency, quality and stability. reproduced in the arrogant gold laser cutting machine.

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