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What Parts Are The Wear Of The Nail Making Machine?

Jun 14, 2017

I do not know if we are familiar with the nail making process of the nail making machine, under normal circumstances will be carried out during the zinc coating process, what is the reason for doing so? The results of the in-depth analysis are as follows:

Nail Making Machine nail in the process, will be regularly quantitative to add zinc powder, in order to get the ideal zinc layer thickness. The reason to do so, mainly in order to effectively extend the service life of parts, which is unique to the performance of galvanized layer. And after galvanized parts, even in the humid air can be free from corrosion, but also to prevent the process of chromium passivation layer of adverse substances.

It was not surprising that the appearance of the zinc coating was also advantageous for the production of the water polishing process in the production of nails, thereby effectively reducing the occurrence of various damage. For nailing machines, this is an important protective measure, but also equipment maintenance links can not be omitted in the part.

 Many of the components of the nail making machine, which also includes a lot of wearing parts, when these parts wear or aging will lead to the performance of the entire Nail Making Machine down, only the replacement of the new can be resolved. For the Nail Making Machine, easy to wear parts to be replaced?

    The Nail Making Machine manufacturer pointed out that in order not to affect the use of nail making machines and the quality of the nails, the cracked steel sleeve should be replaced, if it is only blunt, then need to remove it to the front blade surface, and then And then can be re-installed back to use. But if the crack, then only to replace the new accessories.

    Also need to replace the rolling wheel, a long time the work will wear a tooth-shaped, resulting in it can not roll out the qualified wire head. Then need to replace the rolling wheel, the replacement of the need to adjust the pitch of the gasket, otherwise it will also lead to Nail Making Machine can not work properly.