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Use Guide For Inverted Vertical Drawing Machine

Nov 16, 2017

We need to follow certain rules when operating various production equipment.Same for inverted vertical drawing machine, we must operate it according to specific requirements.Otherwise, it will not only harm the equipment, but also threaten our own security problems.

So, what is the right thing to do in the process of using a inverted vertical drawing machine? To help you use the device better,we will share with you some guidelines below on the operation of the equipment, and we hope to provide some references.

Before starting the device, the staff at the site should wear special gloves, then you can manipulate it.In addition, you must carry out a comprehensive inspection of the inverted vertical drawing machine. Normally you should check your work in this order:

1、Check for any unusual problems between the various connection parts.

2、Pay attention to the lubrication quality of the transmission parts, and add the lubricating oil in time if necessary.

Beyond that, it should be noted that there are unsafe factors in the surrounding area.After Make sure everything is normal, we could start the inverted vertical drawing machine.Staff at the site should observe the operation of the equipment closely while it is running.It is also important to check whether the operation rules of the abrasive belt are up to standard.

If any abnormal problems are found, the equipment should be shut down in time for maintenance. We need to notice that the staff must pay attention to the safety problems and not to leave the scene at will when the inverted vertical drawing machine is running.

Remember, the total power supply should be cut off before maintenance of inverted vertical drawing machine.In order to keep the machine running as well, it should be switched off for four hours every month both do proper maintenance of inverted vertical drawing machine