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The Technical Requirements Of Copper Wire Drawing Machine And The Reason Of Wire Diameter Decrease

Nov 14, 2017

what kind of technical standards copper wire drawing machines should meet? We should know that , copper wire drawing machine only can bring practical help to users in reality ,when it could meet certain technical requirements .In addition, sometimes the wire diameter reduces during process of application. So how did this happened? Let's know in the following details.

1.Considering from the technical aspects, the annealing voltage of copper wire drawing machine and the speed to stay wire both wire collection should be kept in sync in the normal operation .

2.The annealing current and the square of the forward wire diameter should be proportional.The annealing current is usually set in wire size, and the function of annealing soft copper wire is required to meet the corresponding requirements.

3. The take-up tension should be adjusted according to the pressure of the cylinder.In addition, the diameter error of copper wire must not exceed the relevant standard.

In the process of copper wire drawing machine’s operation, if the wire diameter reduce, it could be the copper wire hardening during the drawing .Moreover, after annealing and softening, the tensile strength of copper wire decreased, but the plasticity and elongation increased.Then under the take-up tension , the wire diameter decreases.

Within this kind of problems , if we want to minimize the extent of the wire diameter decreases , on the one hand it is important to control the take-up tension to ensure the quality .On the other hand, the wire diameter decreases can be added to the diameter of the fixed diameter mold.

The above is mainly to introduce the technical standard of copper wire drawing machine, the reason of wire diameter decreases and the countermeasures to solve the problem.In hope with all of that in mind , it will be possible to solve the problems and make the copper wire drawing machine return to normal in real time.