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Working requirements for wire drawing, drawing and winding of copper drawing machine

Mar 30, 2019

When the copper wire is pulled by the power winding mainly during the operation, the copper wire is pulled and plastically deformed forward by the wire drawing die, and the diameter is uniformly reduced. Stretching, the wire drawing machine utilizes the ductility of the copper wire, and uses the compression of the die to make the diameter smaller, so as to achieve the wire diameter we need. The machine consists of two parts: the line and the wire, through the frequency converter or the machine. The adjustment achieves a unified state of the two.

Application field of copper drawing machine

Common wire drawing machines include water box type wire drawing machine, straight wire drawing machine, pulley type wire drawing machine, inverted vertical wire drawing machine, etc. The wire drawing machine is mainly used for processing metal wire and cable materials such as copper wire and stainless steel wire. Processing equipment that is extremely important in the manufacturing industry. With the continuous development of frequency conversion speed regulation technology, frequency converter has been widely used in the wire drawing machine industry, bearing the steps of wire drawing speed control, tension winding, multi-level synchronous control, the application of frequency converter, greatly improving the wire drawing machine. The automation level and processing capability have effectively reduced the unit energy consumption and maintenance cost of the equipment, which has been widely recognized by the industry.

Copper drawing machine

For the whole wire drawing machine, the control does not have too high precision requirements. Most of the wire drawing machinery and the wire drawing operation are realized by the inverter driving the pay-off frame, but there are also some double-frequency controlled wire drawing machines, even directly through The wire tension of the wire drawing is drawn into the wire drawing machine to realize free release.

Drawing of copper drawing machine

The drawing process is the most important part of the wire drawing machine. Different metal materials, different silk varieties and requirements, the drawing process is very different, the specific operation process of the water tank type wire drawing machine and the straight wire drawing machine will be described in detail later.

Copper drawing machine

The working speed of the take-up link determines the production efficiency of the entire drawing machine and is the most difficult part of the whole system. In the wire-receiving part, the commonly used control technology has synchronous control and tension control to achieve the winding of metal products.www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com