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Working characteristics of the inverted wire drawing machine

Oct 27, 2020

The inverted wire drawing machine is a drawing equipment specially designed and manufactured for the continuous operation of large coils. This equipment has the dual functions of drawing and winding. It is mainly used for drawing high, medium and low carbon wires and non-ferrous metal or alloy wires. Especially it is widely used in the production of standard parts and commercial equipment. The maximum inlet size of the inverted wire drawing machine can be designed and customized according to the user's technical parameters.

In addition, this series of wire drawing equipment is usually controlled by frequency conversion, so it maintains a stable state during the drawing process. The whole machine has a high degree of automation and can be operated by one person and multiple machines. At the same time, in the process of continuous innovation, the inverted wire drawing machine equipment we provide has broken through the traditional design concept, not only has high work efficiency, but also has almost no shock when touching the body when drawing.

For users, choose a high-quality suitable inverted wire drawing machine, which can be used for drawing rough specifications, large plate weight, high, medium, and low carbon steel, special-shaped steel wire, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal wire pre-processing. Suitable for drawing large-diameter wires such as standard parts and hardware products. The machine has high degree of automation and can draw and take up at the same time. The take-up reel can be up to 2 tons, the unloading is convenient and reliable, and the production efficiency is high.

The inverted vertical wire drawing machine also meets the requirements for the production of large-sized wire rods and heavy metal wire rods. This machine is suitable for drawing large-diameter coils, and then rewinding the large coils after drawing. It adopts frequency conversion control technology, and the large coils are drawn to reduce diameter or coiled to square. As for the model of the equipment, it can be determined according to the diameter of the pull plate wheel. In addition, the motor is assembled according to the production power requirements of the drawing machine and its model.