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Design principle of tower wheel of water tank type wire drawing machine

Oct 25, 2020

In this water tank type wire drawing machine, the design adopts a double active tower wheel structure. The main feature of the equipment is that the main structure of various specifications and models of equipment is finalized, and related parameters such as drawing passes, compression rate, speed, motor type and capacity, etc., are calculated or determined according to the requirements of users. Therefore, the water tank Type wire drawing machine can well meet the requirements of users.

Compared with other equipment, this series of water tank type wire drawing machine has the advantages of light weight, small footprint, energy saving and consumption reduction. When the user needs to make major changes to relevant parameters such as drawing passes, compression rate, etc. due to product changes, the main body of the device can be left unchanged and only a few changes to the relevant parts can be completed. In addition, a reverse moving mechanism for finished reels can be added to facilitate unloading. According to the application, the wire drawing machine has different ways to take-up, and the finished reel part can be flexibly matched. Equipped with an spool take-up machine, the vertical reel can be changed to a horizontal or not equipped with a vertical reel, and the installation can be restored when needed later, which is more arbitrary.

As an important core component of water tank wire drawing machine equipment, what principles should the tower wheel follow when designing its structure? The output, quality and consumption of the equipment are all related to the design of the tower wheel. The most important match between the gradient of the tower wheel and the elongation coefficient of the steel wire is how to retain the sliding coefficient.

If the slip coefficient is kept too small, it will cause wire breakage due to the negative effect of the error between the die hole and the tower wheel; on the contrary, if the slip coefficient is too large, an excessive slip will cause serious consequences. Under normal circumstances, the required sliding coefficient of different materials should be different. For medium and high carbon steel wire, the sliding coefficient should not be greater than 2%, and the sliding coefficient of the first group of tower wheels can also be lower. The process requires that the range of partial compression ratio of the product be relaxed, so that the range of adaptation is wide.

In addition, the tower wheel is prone to damage during the use of the water tank type wire drawing machine, and the size of the tower wheel body directly affects the level of consumption costs. Therefore, when determining the size of the tower wheel, the design should be suitable and reduced. cost. If the tower wheel is successfully designed, the superiority of the equipment can be fully utilized.