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Water tank structure of water tank type wire drawing machine

Nov 01, 2020

The water tank type wire drawing machine is one of the important processes in the entire processing link, so this link will directly affect the quality of the steel wire. In the working process of the water tank type wire drawing machine, cooling liquid is needed to dissipate heat, so we must always pay attention to the heat dissipation effect of the equipment during the operation. As users, we need to be proficient in the operation skills of the equipment.

Because on the one hand, it can deepen our understanding of the water tank drawing machine equipment, and on the other hand, it can make us more proficient in using and operating the equipment. Of course, this also means that our work efficiency can be improved, and it can also protect the equipment to a certain extent, and can extend the service life of the equipment. As we all know, the main difference of this series of equipment is the structure of the water tank.

At present, the water tank configured in the water tank type wire drawing machine equipment on the market mainly includes two structural forms, namely a heavy water tank and a flip water tank. Mainly used for drawing various metal wires of medium and fine specifications. Because of its high requirements for speed control during operation. The equipment usually requires the control system to provide a very precise and smooth line speed. And in the process of drawing operation, it is also necessary to use coolant for heat dissipation.