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Application of inverted wire drawing machine

Oct 31, 2020

The inverted wire drawing machine currently serves metallurgy, machinery and other industries. With the continuous development of technology and technology, people have higher requirements for the process quality of various metal products. At the same time, as a common equipment, the inverted wire drawing machine has made great progress in its technological level, product quality, output and variety.

Prior to this, most of the companies engaged in related production still used the previous production equipment, so in terms of technological level, production capacity, product quality, etc., they lag far behind industrialized countries. Moreover, the wire drawing machines of many manufacturers are still dominated by ordinary pulley wire drawing machines, which largely limits the quality of products, the increase in output and the increase in varieties, and manual unloading, small reel weight and low efficiency. The emergence of the inverted wire drawing machine effectively solves this problem.

It should be noted that before using the equipment of this technology, the metal wire needs to be pre-aligned, which can improve the quality of the drawn wire. From the current analysis, the inverted wire drawing machine is mainly composed of a wire drawing drum, a reduction box, a wire drop frame and a gantry bracket. The reduction box is installed on the top of the gantry bracket, and the wire drawing drum is integrated and connected with the reduction box. Under the gantry support, under the wire drawing drum is parked a wire take-up trolley on which the wire drop frame is placed.

In the process of drawing the metal wire, the main content is: in the drawing process of the steel wire of the inverted wire drawing machine, first the steel wire will be wound from a reel to a certain number of turns, and then directly enters through the tuning roller Go to the next wire drawing die, because the wire drawing die will suffer uneven wear, or the fluctuation of the motor speed or some other factors, which will destroy the balance of the metal second flow, then it will definitely cause the tension of the steel wire. In fact, this change mainly reflects the swing amplitude of the tuning roller.

During the use of the inverted wire drawing machine, it is required to have good synchronization and a relatively fast dynamic response speed. In this way, when drawing stainless steel materials, the phenomenon of broken wires can be reduced.