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Variable frequency speed regulation system and development prospect of straight wire drawing machine

Apr 17, 2018

Usually in metal processing, the straight wire drawing machine belongs to a common equipment. Is now with the progress of technology and the application of frequency converter in the promotion, frequency conversion control began in drawing machine of straight into a large number of use, the user can through the PLC to realize the automatic operation of the drawing set, and the production process control, real-time closed-loop control, automatic meter, etc.

In comparison, after using the variable frequency speed control system, the user will feel more simple and fast when operating the straight-through wire drawing machine. It also has a good energy saving effect. Moreover, the system logic control of the equipment is complicated and has various linkage relations, which is realized by PLC. In the work, the analog voltage signal output by PLC is connected to the input end of all inverters as the main signal of the speed.

At the same time, it is due to the application of frequency conversion speed regulation system that the straight forward drawing machine has been further developed. As a whole, the production technology of the industry has been improving, especially in terms of cost performance and even surpassing some foreign products. And with the improvement of our country's technology in machining, the technology of inverter in control is also being popularized and applied.

In many fields today, straight wire drawing machines are designed. The device not only improves labor productivity and also effective changed the metallographic structures between the metal materials, because the strength of the metal wire and toughness are increased to different extent, effectively improve the quality of the product.

In short, after the use of the straight wire drawing machine, the operation efficiency is obviously improved. And the high efficient straight wire drawing machine is a core processing equipment which is used in processing various copper wire, double wire, steel wire and aluminum wire.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/