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Understanding straight wire-drawing machine

Mar 15, 2017

 straight line wire drawing machine

   straight line wire drawing machine

WUXI wandeshun is a professional factory for all kinds of wire drawing machine. Now we talk about straight line wire drawing machine operation.

Understanding the performance of straight wire-drawing machine

Do you know straight wire-drawing machine, and do you know how is it comes? When we use the drawing machine drum type because they had a lot of wire guide wheel, at the same time it can not use the excellent material, so there is KANGSIDA machinery straight wire-drawing machine. It is used in DC drive loop, can automatically adjust, of course, it can also adjusted the machine to a normal state.

The threading of this type of wandeshun machine of straight wire-drawing machine is very simple, it has a small radius bending when the steel wire during drawing, but it also has its own shortcomings, the steel drawing is very fine, and the residence time is relatively short, and the cooling effect is not very good, corresponding the drawing range is very small.

 Straight wire drawing machine is also called wire drawing machine, large used in machinery, also can be used in hardware, petroleum, plastics and other industries. We can also classify the drawing machine, such as plastic wire drawing machine, metal wire drawing machine, bamboo drawing machine and so on, they are produced by polyester, polyethylene, polyester as raw materials. It can be made into solid or hollow, can also be used for deep processing. For example, the bamboo drawing machine is used of wood, and it can be made into chopsticks and toothpicks.

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