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Automatic Wire Straightening And Cutting Machine instructions for use

Aug 25, 2017

Normally, we need to measure the length of the bar after using the straightening machine to straighten the bars. This is because after measuring its length, it can provide the correct signal for the fixed length cut in time. When the bar is withdrawn from the straightening cylinder, it will advance with the traction of the upper and lower press rollers, and then into the receiving frame with the help of the shearing mechanism.

From this process, we can see that if the straightening cut machine in the cutting of steel when there is a certain error, then there are two main factors that are caused. The first reason is due to the reinforcement of the ruler plate bending bending error, which is due to the material on the rack and the reinforcement plate has a certain quality, and there will be a certain degree of friction. So inevitably there will be varying degrees of bending. This leads to a fixed length error.

Another major reason is because the straightening machine in the process of operation, because the steel is in a state of movement, and the hammer position is uncertain, so there will be some error. In the equipment under the drag, the steel will be a certain speed forward, and the hammer in the reciprocating motion of the upper and lower, may also lead to the equipment received by the signal there is a certain difference.

In the present mode of production, it is generally necessary to obtain the required shearing accuracy by stopping the reinforcing bar before it is stopped in the straightening and cutting machine. Then, in this case will cause the roller and the reinforcement between the relative movement due to the problem of slipping.

If the slipping problem is more obvious, then it may be in the steel surface to form a road scratches, which will affect the appearance of its quality. In addition, this forced stop mode will also lead to deviation of the length of the straightening machine. And the size of the error increases with the length of the reinforcement.

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