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The superiority of copper alloy wire drawing machine

Sep 07, 2020

Currently on the market, the traditional small copper alloy wire drawing machine or micro wire drawing device is controlled by a synchronous motor + 2-position limit switch. During the wiring process, the operator needs to constantly adjust the margin of the wiring. The wheeled wire take-up machine is generally made of iron plates and ABS plastic discs, and the iron used for the small drawing machine generally uses ABS plastic discs to take up the wire according to many miniature tractors.

When the line of the line is opened or the spool produced by different copper alloy wire drawing machine manufacturers, then the error of the spool itself will lead to the phenomenon of "high" or "sag". Different times and different degrees of cable exit, we need to adjust When the operating limit position does not appear in this timeline, any negligence will cause waste or place it in this place.

When the reel adopts ABS plastic spool, when the empty plate is stable when the cable is close to a pot of plastic wheels, there will be different degrees of slight expansion, limit position switch, this time you need to adjust the manual cable, which not only increases the strength of the operator, but also increases the risk The wire and cable outlet.

Based on the above situation, it is imperative for the copper alloy wire drawing machine to develop an automatic compensation system for transmission lines. After a long period of research and development and continuous testing, the fully automatic line compensation system has achieved satisfactory results. The advantage of copper alloy wire drawing machine is to monitor the change of coil diameter in real time and control the flatness of the circuit.

In order to improve production efficiency and eliminate the influence of human factors on the line quality, manual intervention is not required, which ensures the reliability of the line quality of the copper alloy wire drawing machine and ensures that the wire drawing machine can produce high-quality products.