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The spray device of the wire drawing machine and its processing requirements for the line pattern

Aug 08, 2019

The two spray devices refer to a wire spray device and a head spray device, wherein the main function of the wire spray device is to atomize deionized water into droplets having a diameter of 5 to 10 μm, and then spray it in the approximate tangential direction of the nozzle. Out, to achieve the purpose of cleaning the wire and preventing the sizing from conjuncting at the wire

The effect of the wire-changing head spray device is different. It is designed to prevent the wool from falling on the wound wire barrel when the wire drawing machine is changed, and has obvious effect on reducing the contamination of the wire barrel. Although the functions of the two spray devices are different, this is to further ensure that the product can be formed smoothly.

As a widely used industrial machinery and equipment, the wire drawing machine has different requirements for the processing effect, especially in the aspect of the line, in addition to the difference in configuration. In the case of snow pattern processing, it will be done with an automatic wire drawing machine, otherwise it is very difficult. 

However, even for the automatic wire drawing machine, the parameters such as the rotation speed and the swing frequency of the machine must be strictly regulated. Otherwise, the line pattern can easily meet the requirements. There is also a choice of abrasive materials, usually with a drawing wheel or a nylon belt.

However, if the user only asks to process the hairline, many wire drawing machines can be competent, such as ordinary flat wire drawing machine, manual wire drawing machine, automatic wire drawing machine, flat wire drawing machine, etc., the grinding material is also made of small roller brush and scouring pad. Position, you can get a better drawing effect.

From this we can also find that there are many details to be concerned when choosing a wire drawing machine, including the configuration of its components, the type of wire drawing machine, the equipment of abrasive materials, etc., which are the basic conditions for obtaining the ideal wire drawing effect.