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Look at the road to the gradual optimization of the internal structure of the nail making machine

Aug 09, 2019

First, the optimization of the pay-off rack

The pay-off rack is a shelf for placing wire. The traditional machine is just a common set of pay-off racks. The high-speed nail making machine uses an automatic pay-off rack, which is equipped with a motor and a reducer and a frequency converter. The automatic pay-off is improved. Efficiency also saves labor. Although the cost of equipment has gone up, the overall efficiency has increased.

Second, the optimization of nail feeding method

The traditional nail making machine adopts single wire feeding, feeding-cutting-punching cap-finishing, and only one nail can be completed in one movement. The high-speed nail making machine adopts the principle of belt transmission. For example, the difference between traditional manual operation and automatic assembly line seems to greatly improve the speed, improve the efficiency, and greatly improve the overall quality.

Third, the optimization of the way to punch hats

The traditional nail making machine uses a single die single punch to punch the cap, while the high speed nail making machine uses a double die double punch structure to punch the cap, which is also a relatively breakthrough one of the Yanhuang nail making machine compared with the traditional nail making machine. The change directly affects the quality of the nail.

Fourth, the improvement of electrical systems

The traditional nail making machine is not perfect electrical control system, only a simple switch machine, and the high-speed nail making machine special electrical control cabinet contains, jog, manual, automatic, emergency stop, speed control, fault alarm and other relative humanity Design pattern.

V. Optimization of overall structural performance improvement

In addition to the above four points, the overall performance structure of the equipment has been optimized and improved. It can be said that it directly overturns a new nail-making equipment re-planned by traditional nail-making equipment. The overall weight of the traditional equipment is about 1t, and the high-speed nail making machine The weight is as high as 3t, which is enough to show that the structural redesign and improvement is still very much.