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Routine inspection of high speed nail making machine

Aug 10, 2019

1, electrical system

1) Whether the emergency stop button is sensitive and reliable;

2) Whether the motor is running normally, whether there is abnormal heating phenomenon;

3) Whether the wires and cables are damaged;

4) Whether the travel switch and button function are normal and the action is reliable;

2, the operating system

Pull out the manual wheel before starting normally;

3. Lubrication system

1) Is the oil pump working properly?

2) Whether the liquid level of the oil pump meets the specified requirements;

3) Whether the lubrication points are properly lubricated;

4) Whether the quality of the lubricating oil is qualified;

4, the transmission system

1) Whether the belt tension is suitable;

2) Whether there is a crack on the surface;

3) Whether the pulley is running normally.